Surgical Treatment for BPH

BPH Surgery is a generally less invasive and more effective means of treatment for those suffering from symptoms of poor prostate health.

Previous forms of surgical treatment included TUMT-microwave, TUNA, and Indigo.

Common surgeries for BPH include:

  • Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) - TURP is the most common BPH surgery, which uses a scope to scrape obstructing prostate tissue out of the way. This procedure has been associated with excessive bleeding and the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Greenlight Laser Prostatectomy (PVP) - An outpatient procedure, the Greenlight Laser Prostatectomy (PVP), uses a laser to remove obstructing tissue with little to no blood loss. PVP is not known to impact a patient’s sexual function. Urology Health Solutions’ Dr. Kenworthy is an experienced provider of PVP. Dr. Kentworthy is also a highly sought-after teacher of this method, as he has guided other practices in performing PVP.

As with all medical treatment, the advice of a professional is always encouraged for gaining the full scope of your diagnosis, as well as what treatments are available, and which would work best for your lifestyle.

It is helpful to come prepared with questions about your specific condition to your appointment. Questions such as "How do I know what to expect during surgery?", "What tests should I have?", "What are the options for safe treatments and medicines that are available?" and any other questions you may have can prepare your doctor to be as thorough as possible in discussing your treatment.

Dr. Paul Kenworthy, of Kenworthy Urology, can provide this and more to patients that schedule a consultation with him. Dr. Kenworthy has 2 office locations, and his staff is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date options for your treatment of BPH.

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